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It's been a year since i wrote my last thoughts on Ternua garments. Since then i tested some more clothing of the ever evolving Spanish outdoor brand. One of them is the Jannu jacket, a narrow sized, lightweight downjacket wich is designed for extreme manoeuvrability combined with good insulating qualities. Last 6 months i packed the jacket for a camping trip in the Ardennes, a 14-day-trekking in the Spanish Pyrenees and an expedition in the Nepali Himalayas. This review is the result of my findings and experiences with the Ternua Jannu jacket during these trips in the outdoors.


Ternua is located in the Spanish Basque Country and has a very distinct philosophy about solidarity and ecology. The company commits itself clearly to those beautiful words. Through the support of the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society Ternua actively helps to protect whales worldwide.

Ternua produces a wide range of outdoor and leisure clothing. For the production of their products, they makes specific environmental choices through the use of organic and recyclable materials: organic cotton, certified merino wool and recycled polyester fibers. Through both the use of these materials as the choice for environmentally friendly innovations, the Spanish company aims to have the lowest possible impact on the environment as possible.


Jannu Jacket

Jannu Jacket

In general

The Jannu Jacket is a beautiful lightweight insulated jacket from Ternua's Alpine range. For the construction of this jacket, the designers choose the best materials available. The outer as well as the inner of the jacket is made of the notorious Pertex Quantum fabric. To improve mobility, the side panels are made of Polartec Power Stretch Pro. Polartec Alpha is used for the filling of the jacket.


All the advantages of Pertex Quantum in a nutshell:

  • featherweight
  • Optimum strength to weight ratio
  • Windproof
  • Downproof

More information: pertex.com

Polartec Alpha was originally developed for the U.S. Special Forces when they required a more advanced insulating material in their combat uniforms. This fabric is a new technology with active insulation that regulates core body temperatures during both dynamic and static activities. This latest advancement in adaptable breathability helps eliminate the need of shedding or adding layers while on the move.


All the advantages of Polartec Alpha in a nutshell:

  • Superior breathability
  • Optimum warmth to weight ratio
  • Packable
  • Fast drying
  • Easy care
  • Available in multiple styles and weights

More information: polartec.com

Polartec Power Stretch Pro is engineered to push the performance of our base stretch fabrics even further. By reinforcing the elastic fibers on the exterior surface we enhanced the overall 4-way stretch for more support and stability during movement. This unique construction allows for increased resistance and durability against the elements without sacrificing breathability or comfort.


All the advantages of Polartec Powerstretch Pro in a nutshell:

  • Resilient stretch
  • Enhanced durability
  • Wicks moisture
  • Highly breathable
  • Easy care
  • Available in multiple styles and weights

More information: polartec.com

The Jannu Jacket is available in three colors: Black/green lime, Duck blue/green lime and Green lime/duck blue. Available sizes range between XS and XXL. The total weight of this jacket is 380 gr (for a size L).

Kilbeg Pants Kilbeg Pants Kilbeg Pants

Recommended price is 189,95 euros.

Link: ternua.com

Hander Jacket
Koen, protected from the elements in the moring, while cooking breakfast in the Belgian Ardennes. April, 2014, Ardennes, Belgium.

Own experiences

The Jannu Jacket is a great, lightweigt insulation layer that offers many advantages for outdoor activities where freedom of movement is very important. During the different trips i made, the jacket proved to be a great companion in the mountains. I used the jacket as insulation in the base and high camp of the Pisang Peak (6091m) in Nepal. On the morning of summit-day i used the jacket as an extra insulation layer underneath my gtx shell jacket. Because of the tight cut, this is perfectly possible without compromising on comfort nor manoeuvrability.
All the properties of the used fabrics makes this great jacket: the pertex quantum offers protection to the elements. Both the Polartec Alpha as the Polartec Powerstretch Pro offers great warmth and insulation combined with high breathability, durability and an overall comfortable feeling when wearing this jacket. The use of Polartec Alpha 88gr. combines outstanding breathability and quick drying with the same performance and thermal capacity of traditional synthetic fill.
To distinguish itself from the rest of the jackets equiped with Alpha Technology available on the outdoor market, the designers added a lot of features: thumbhole in the sleeves, Polartec Powerstretch Pro side panels, adjustable hem to prevent heat loss, soft fleece beardhuard, elastic bindings on the hood and sleeves, back hood adjustment and neoprine visor. These features combined with the use of superior materials and the reduced weight makes this Jannu Jacket stand out. And i'm not the only one who has this opinion. In 2013 the jacket was rewarded with an Apex Award.

Hander Jacket
Purifying water in the mountains around Andorra. July 2014, Andorra.
9 /10

positief  Positive

  • Tight cut
  • Use of superior materials
  • Lots of features
  • Compact and lightweight

negatief  Negative

  • Not warm enough for extreme conditions